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Technologically advanced, AI-enabled hardware and software solutions to minimize business waste and maximize business profits for your organization.

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Technologically advanced, AI-enabled hardware and software solutions to minimize business waste and maximize business profits for your organization.

AI Development

Development of powerful sensors with automated processes of data acquisition, predictive analysis enabled to perform human-like tasks with lightning speed connectivity. It can be programmed to analyse situations and predict behaviours.

IoT Development

Top-notch IoT devices as industrial solutions to analyse, drive and project data that monitor and improve industrial operations. Devices if driven by an AI core can also undertake actions/decisions.

Tech Consultancy

Development of product maps, tech models, parts of a product that deliver required customer engagements enhancing customer experience and ensuring frictionless customer satisfaction for business operations across the industrial sector.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Setting up your business’ website with a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface and developing attractive social media profiles. Leveraging both can help your business gain traffic from a variety of sources.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

Incorporating tech into the software enabled organizations to streamline their operations and undertake challenges relating to machine learning, product efficiency and quality while catering to your specific business needs

Automation Solutions

Providing automation solutions in industrial workplaces to enable improved productivity, quality, efficiency while reducing errors/waste, increasing safety and adding flexibility to the business processes and yield reliability and profitability.

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Durbin is an AI and IoT Solutions Company helping businesses solve real life business process or industrial challenges with technology. Our products help organizations make business decisions based on the real-time data analytics available from their business premises and manufacturing units and also help there existing processes better with the use of technology. Businesses fail to understand the true condition and factors affecting them due to poor Data Collection and Analysis Practices and we help them Research, Develop and Deploy customized solutions for their needs.

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AI in Manufacturing - transforming businesses and making them future proof

Swagata Khan Sep 14, 2020

Most AI textbooks will define artificial intelligence as an intelligent field where devices empowered by the same are capable of perceiving its environment, interpret situations and taking actions which maximise its chances of successfully achieving its objectives with minimal or no ills.

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How Data makes your Business optimized and could be the crucial element for realising True Profits

Swagata Khan Sep 16, 2020

Data optimization relates to collecting all possible information at one's disposal and managing it in a way that will ensure maximum speed and comprehensiveness with which the critical information can be extracted, processed, interpreted, analysed and used or disposed of.

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A shift in work culture - the war of Cubicles and Work from Home

Swagata Khan Sep 20, 2020

The workplace culture of any organisation is the fundamental characteristic of its operations. An optimistic workplace culture attracts talent, engages employees, imparts satisfaction, ensures productivity thus affecting the performance of your business. The biggest limitation of any organisation is the neglect towards defining its workplace culture.

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